5 Gifts Every Mother Loves | Northampton Family Photographer

There are buds on the weeping cherry tree and daffodils in the front yard. Leftover Easter cake sits in the refrigerator. Mother’s Day is only weeks away. While we are still spending our days at home, it doesn’t mean we can’t plan for a special gift for Mom.

1. Simple photo book. Imagine creating a small hand held book for mom to cherish for years to come. A single subject works best—turn to her favorite vacation memories, a fun weekend adventure, or a memorable day in her life. Soft or hardcover, your choice and anywhere from 20-100 photos.

2. Black and White Engineer Print. Large-scale black and white engineer print of Mom and the kids. Engineer prints are large prints (4x3 foot) made on paper typically used for architectural plans. Oftentimes, mom is behind the camera instead of in front of it. I talked about this in my Date Night Photo Sessions post. It’s so important to document mom and to find ways to jump into the frame. A photo of mom in the same frame with the kids, especially one that exudes love, is dear to her heart. 

3. Framed Fine Art Prints. Once you’ve printed those photos from your digital storage, show them off in frames you picked up at yard sales, thrift stores, or your last time at the craft store. The beauty of framed photos is that they can be displayed anywhere. My favorite spots include bookcase shelves, kitchen backsplash, and next to plants. 

4. Create a gallery wall. Choose an empty wall in the house, such as an entryway, hallway, or stairway. Surprise her by filling that blank space with the art, people, and places she loves most. Print out those family photographs stored on your phone, in hard drives, or in the cloud. Frame some of her favorite artwork next to family photos. 

5. Portrait session for Mom. Gift her a special Mother’s Day portrait session for mom and the kids, mom and friends, or just mom. You can shop for an eGift card from my studio over here.

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