Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 10 of 10


Whether told in images or words, a good story contains a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is true whether you’re photographing a family vacation, daily life, or an event. 

A photo story can be told in a single frame or in a series of three to five (or more) shots. I like to create a shot list for my photo stories. Photograph your subject in a variety of ways in order to narrow down your story later. Use all the tips you’ve learned from days 1 through 9 to create a visually impactful tale.

To create a photo story in three frames, try this: 

Frame #1: A wide expansive shot of your subject.

Frame #2: Your subject in action.

Frame #3: A detail shot.

To create a story in five frames, add a few extra shots:

Frame #1: An establishing shot (creates the setting for your story). 

Frame #2: A portrait of your subject.

Frame #3: A change in perspective of your subject.

Frame #4: An action shot. 

Frame #4: A detail shot.

*Remember to create an arc in your photo story and sequence it from beginning to end. 

To create a story in a single frame, try this:

Show detail and context about your subject, such as an environmental portrait. 

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