Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 2 of 10

What is a photograph without light? Photographs depend on light. By controlling the exposure yourself, you can dramatically change the mood, tone, and look of your photos.


When you point your iPhone (or smartphone) at a subject, your camera averages all the light in a scene and automatically sets the exposure, oftentimes resulting in a photo that doesn’t reflect what you saw or imagined. What the camera can’t see is how to use that light artistically. By manually controlling the exposure, you adjust how bright or dark an image should be. 

Too much light creates a bright overexposed image. Conversely, not enough light creates a dark underexposed image. 

Tap the subject of your photo and a box with a sun icon next to it will appear. Click on the sun icon to adjust the exposure up or down to let in more or less light. The square icon also determines where the camera automatically focuses. Tap and hold the box to lock focus and then slide the sun up or down to adjust exposure. For photos with multiple people in the frame, tap on the small box that appears over each person’s face to make sure everyone is in focus.

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