Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 4 of 10


Composition—know what’s inside your frame. To make a strong photograph, everything in the frame should be there for a reason. Pick up your camera and look through the viewfinder. What do you see inside the frame? If you were to photograph the scene in front of you, what would you include in the frame and what would you crop out?

Two quick compositional tools to put into practice are the rule of thirds and the rule of odds.

The rule of thirds divides the frame into three equal parts vertically and horizontally in a grid format. Imagine there is an overlying grid on top dividing the screen into thirds on both horizontally and vertically. You want to line up key areas of visual interest at the intersecting points.

The rule of odds includes an odd numbered grouping of objects offers more visual appeal than an even numbered one. Try capturing people, cups and plates, or houses grouped in threes, fives, sevens, etc.

A cool feature of the iPhone is that you can turn on the grid feature in camera view to practice the rule of thirds/odds on the regular. To turn on the grid, go to settings—camera—grid, and slide the grid toggle on. Done.

Once you learn both the rules and know how to use them, break the rules. Just know what’s inside your frame and why. 

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