Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 6 of 10


Look for fundamental design elements to photograph. Patterns and textures really stand out in monochromatic images. Capture leading lines, shapes, and graphic elements. Strong contrasts and shadows render beautifully in black-and white so do silhouettes on overcast days. 

Remember the tips from Days 1 through 5. Find a subject that interests you. Where does the light fall on your subject? How does the scene feel? What mood would you like to convey? How would your scene look in silhouette? 

Imagine how you would frame the scene. Use the grid to line up your composition. Lock in your exposure and focus. To get used to seeing photos in black and white, you can tap on the three colored circles on the upper right corner of your native camera app (the one that comes with your camera) and scroll to the right until you see mono, silvertone, or noir. You can scroll back to original color to capture your subject in color (which will give you more editing options) and edit your image using software apps such as Photoshop Elements and Lightroom Mobile. 

Using Format