Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 7 of 10


Perspective refers to the point of view the photograph was shot. You can dramatically alter a scene when you learn how to see it from different perspectives. We often get in the habit of seeing the world from one point of view— at eye level. Instead of defaulting to eye level, change your position to your subject. Go high, low, or shoot from the waist. Move closer, move farther away, stand higher, or get lower. Think like a cinematographer here. How many ways can you tell the story by changing your position?

Move around your subject and the scene you’re photographing to discover the most interesting perspective. Photograph each position, beginning at eye level and then again each time your perspective to your subject changes.  

Scroll through the images you made. Which one holds your interest?

As a photographer you want to practice varying your perspective in order to create images that are striking and unique. Stand on a chair, rock, or bench and take a photograph looking down. Take a photograph right next to your subject either at waist or ground level. Lie on the ground and make a photograph looking up. Look at the different perspectives you photographed. How does the emotional impact of the image change?

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