Daily Photo Project—July Highlights

I’m slowly getting caught up on personal projects including the July highlights from my Daily Photo Journal Project. It’s always interesting to notice new and old themes continue to stand out in my work, such as, surf, sky, and preceding objects in portraiture.

If you’re new to the project, you can read a brief description here. A way of tracking time in images.

Links to the Daily Photo Project Highlights from previous months: April, May, and June 

With a desire to create a new body of photographs, I started a new photo journal project in April 2020 as a way to mark time, ideas, thoughts, emotions. It has become the new routine. Small noteworthy moments photographed and taped to journal pages offer comfort during these endless days. 

p.s. I offer online eGift cards for portrait sessions for when you want to gift something special in set and custom amounts. 

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