Capture Artful Moments With Your iPhone | Day 1 of 10

It’s a well known adage that the best camera is the one you have with you. I happen to agree and want to help you learn how to make better photos with your iPhone (or whatever smartphone you use) over the next ten days. Each day, I will post a new lesson here that will help you improve your photography skills. Art + Science = Magic.

Today’s lesson comes straight from my photo workshops and while it may be unconventional, since you won’t need an actual camera today, you will need to tune-in into your senses in order to see on a deeper level. 


Learn how to visualize a photo. Put down your camera phone. Look at the scene around you. Notice where the light and shadows fall. Close your eyes for a minute. What do you remember of the scene you just saw? How did you feel? With your eyes still closed, visualize how you would capture the scene. 

Open your eyes. Use your hands to mimic a camera frame. Make a “u” shape with each pointer finger and thumb and then overlap them crosswise to create a handy “frame card” you can access anytime. Imagine capturing the scene with your hand camera. Be creative. Move your camera all around. Change your perspective. Move in close to your subject. Pull back from your subject. 

You can use this technique to help you frame a scene before you pick up your camera. 

Remember, photographs are made by learning how to see and express emotions in a moment (as well as understanding the basic mechanics of using your camera). So take the time to work on this first step in paying attention to a moment.

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