Scenes From The Cape—New England Photographer

I’ve been spending more time in my studio darkroom these days hand processing color film. This is a new venture for me as I learned to develop black & white film back in my college darkroom days. It was the general practice to send our color film to the lab after which we would place the film strips in archival pages before bringing them back into the darkroom to make color prints. The idea behind this was that hand processing black & white film was simpler and more artistically personal than color film, which reflected a more accurate color profile thereby requiring less of an artistic film recipe (unless the art concept is color itself).

I was curious about the ease of working with color film in the darkroom and aside from using a different set of chemicals (prewash, color developer, bleach & fix, wash, final rinse, dry) and higher temperatures necessary for color, the process isn’t all that different given the film still needs to be loaded on reels, placed in a developing tank, and carefully monitored for time, agitation, and temperature.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share more of my color work here. 

Stay safe and well, friends!

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