Hello, I'm Nikki

I'm an artist, photographer, and writer. I love crafting a good story filled with light, personality, and vision whether that's in my studio, on location, or a mix of both. For my portrait work, I specialize in headshots, branding, and families. My style is clean, minimalistic, and timeless—capturing in the moment portraits that last a lifetime. I believe in the power of photography as a medium for stories, whether that's for your business or life. Creative visual stories and portraits for you and your brand. I can't wait to connect.


Nikki Gardner is a fine art, portrait, and editorial photographer based in Northampton, Massachusetts. She runs a boutique portrait studio with creative vision and refined craft. Nikki's style is clean and minimalistic, highlighting authentic connections and stories.  

Nikki has also taught photography courses online, in workshops, and in the classroom, including traditional and digital darkroom courses as well as lighting and styling product photography workshops. 

For more information on Nikki's work, to discuss new opportunities, commissions, and collaborations, or to book your portrait session, you can send an email.


My photographs explore narratives based on memory, space, and time. The images contain truth and fiction, exploring both experience and possibility as a means of reflecting on our collective humanity and fragility. Through the visual language of photography, I am searching for a way to interpret and often reinvent the world we live in through small storied moments. It is a way that I keep hold of life and the pulse that intimately connects us all.

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