Daily Photo Journal Project—June Highlights

Deep in the summer heat, we’re harvesting bowls of tomatoes, searching for secret swimming holes, and reading books from collected piles. A good summer, despite the challenges. 

June’s highlights from my Daily Photo Journal Project.

With a desire to create a new body of photographs, I started a new photo journal project in April 2020 as a way to mark time, ideas, thoughts, emotions. It has become the new routine. Small noteworthy moments photographed and taped to journal pages offer comfort during these endless days. 

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Fine Art Florals—New Prints in the Shop



Peony 5

Peony 7


Hello Friends,

I’m excited to announce that I now have a curated selection of floral prints available in my online store. The image specs: 8x 12 inch, archival inkjet prints on Baryta Fibre Based Fine Art Paper. Signed on the back. Carefully wrapped and shipped flat in a box. Email me if you’re interested in a commissioned floral piece.

I started photographing flowers as abstracts several months ago. I wanted to create beauty and light in a time of so much darkness happening in the world. Flowers are rich with symbolism and used throughout the history of art and literature to convey meaning. 
You can read more details about the symbolism behind the flowers I chose below.

Azalea—The meaning of azaleas come mostly from Victorian society, Eastern cultures, and the United States. This beautiful flower symbolizes temperance, modest and kind without false pretense, as well as the fragile passion of first love. It also symbolizes home and fond memories of it as well as caring for yourself and those around you. 

Lilac—Childlike innocence and purity, especially the white flower variety. They bloom only for a short time. Lilac nectar is a favorite among bees and butterflies. Many species of butterflies and moths use lilac plants in order for their caterpillars to survive.

Lily—The lily contains several meanings, depending on the variety. Peace, beauty, sweetness, purity, or a mother’s love. Known images of lilies date back to 1580 B.C. when they were discovered in a villa in Crete. Lilies are notable flowers in mythology, due in part to their size and strong scent (ranging from clove in first bloom to salty ham in full bloom). The white “Madonna” lily, thought to have sprouted from the milk of Hera (queen of the gods), was cherished by the Greeks.

Peony—The peony is revered for its beauty and once thought to have medicinal value in ancient Greece. There are two Greek myths about Paeonia and Paeon, both rooted in the flower. 

The images remind me of drawings in some ways and I really like how texture, shape, and form are enhanced in each image. 

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New work for The Postcard Collective—Summer 2020

I’m a member of the Postcard Collective, a quarterly art exchange in which art is sent via postcards in the mail, and created new work for the summer edition theme. To celebrate the Collective’s 10th anniversary, the summer exchange’s theme is Ten.

I used a digital pinhole camera to create this image titled, Beach Palimpsest. The process was made using ten multiple exposures in camera with each exposure lasting one second for a total of ten seconds, ten exposures, one frame. I liked time is layered like waves in this photograph. I will be adding this prints of this image to my online shop soon. 

Summer on…

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