Botanical Photograms | Cameraless Photographic Art

How is it August already?

I’ve been working with botanicals and light all summer long, creating collections of color prints. I wanted to take this experiment into the darkroom. What could I make without a camera, a single light source, and black and white chemistry? A lot.

The above image is a photogram, a method of exposing darkroom paper with objects (in this case summer blooms and more) to light and then developing the print in chemistry in order to bring the silver based image to life. I love the graphic nature of the print and each one is a unique art print.

My photographic roots go back to the darkroom where I learned to develop film and make prints, first in black and white and later in color. Aside from making photograms, I’ve also been working with a number of alternative photographic techniques.

I’ll share more about the other processes I’ve been working with in the coming months. 

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