New work for The Postcard Collective—Summer 2020

I’m a member of the Postcard Collective, a quarterly art exchange in which art is sent via postcards in the mail, and created new work for the summer edition theme. To celebrate the Collective’s 10th anniversary, the summer exchange’s theme is Ten.

I used a digital pinhole camera to create this image titled, Beach Palimpsest. The process was made using ten multiple exposures in camera with each exposure lasting one second for a total of ten seconds, ten exposures, one frame. I liked time is layered like waves in this photograph. I will be adding this prints of this image to my online shop soon. 

Summer on…

Letter from the Cape (Part 2)

The novel revising continues. Slowly, slowly. 

We return to the beach. Boys in tow. Waves roll in. 

With a pinhole camera, slowing time. 

Photographing the scene, again and again.

We carry on, despite the obstacles. 

What will you remember about this summer? What photographs have you made? I love to hear from you. Leave a comment on this post or send an email. To see more of my daily images, follow along on Instagram.

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