Contemporary School Portraits | Northampton Portrait Photographer

What comes to mind when you think of school portraits? Stiff poses, forced smiles, flashy looking light, or maybe color gradient backgrounds? I have a collection of pre-school through high school portraits of myself depicting that dated signature style. 

As a photographer and parent, I want to more for my children’s portraits. I want authenticity, connection, and timelessness. I want a beautiful portrait of my child, smiling or serious, whatever is real in that moment. 

I also want a local boutique service that parallels the cost and professional services of large corporations with a more personal approach.

This is why I started my Fine Art School Portrait service. I want you to cherish school photos the same way you cherish your family session albums and prints by giving you genuine portraits of your amazing children.

If you think my service is a good fit for your school, visit here to read more details. 

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