Meaningful Gift Ideas for Dad

This year it seems more important than ever to let our loved ones know how much we care in a meaningful way. Here are 5 gifts for Dad to show him how special he is. Happy Father’s Day!

1. Write a handwritten letter to Dad, including favorite memories spent together. Bonus points for also mentioning the qualities you love and admire about him.

2. Spend an outdoor adventure day with Dad. Plan a scenic hike everyone will enjoy followed by a picnic after. Don’t forget to bring your camera/phone to document your day together. Need some camera phone tips? I have ten days worth of tips on the blog. Start here: Tell A Good Story and work your way back through all 10 tips.

3. Camp out with Dad in the backyard for a night. Break out the tent, sleeping bags, and pillows. Be sure to bring popcorn, Dad’s favorite book or movie (to read or watch on a phone or tablet), and chocolate for dessert. 

4. Surprise Dad with a portrait session, featuring Dad and the kids then the whole (immediate) family together. Remember, Dad’s need to be in photos too.

5. Chose a charity close to Dad’s heart and make a donation in his honor. 

p.s. Need to help Dad and the kids prep for a successful photo shoot? I created a complimentary guide to help. You can get the guide along with my news and updates. Sign up here.

Northampton Studio Opening | Northampton Family Photography

I’m happy to announce that the studio doors are open! Following the Governor’s Phase 2 guidelines, I’ve come up with a plan to safely begin studio sessions again.

As of right now, studio sessions are available for small groups and individuals, immediate family or fewer. The studio is open by appointment only so that after each session all surfaces, common areas, and equipment can be properly sanitized. 

I will maintain social distance, using no-touch posing methods.

Studio safety practices I am implementing:

  • Maintain a safe distance during sessions
  • Greet you with jazz hands because hugs and handshakes are still out for now
  • Keep my hands, studio, and all equipment sanitized before and after each session
  • Request you bring your own water or snacks as needed
  • Request you wash and sanitize your hands after entering and before leaving my studio
  • Continue to wear a mask and to practice social distancing in my daily life

Remember, outdoor sessions are available by appointment as well. You can read more about my outdoor sessions here and book a studio or outdoor session here

This will be the new standard for portrait sessions for awhile. I’m excited to make portraits again and to reopen the studio doors. See you soon!

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