What To Wear To Your Family Photo Session

My mother is an artist and is the reason I became one as well. She invested in my extracurricular education at a young age by signing me up for acting, drawing, and writing classes. I knew then I would eventually end up in the arts. 

She brought me along to the art classes she was enrolled in. I remember drawing so many apples in one of her classes. I wish I still had those drawings to show my boys who both enjoy drawing.

The other thing my mom did is take me on commercial jobs with her. She used to window dress a local department store with the latest fashion. This, for me, was so much fun. I loved watching her put together seasonal outfits effortlessly. She favored classic tailored clothing in neutrals with a splash of color, depending on the season.

Whenever a client asks me what to wear to a session, I think of my mom’s advice—wear simple classic designs that fit well. Neutral colors look great in photos. So do clean lines and tailored pieces. I think you should wear clothes that fit well, feel good, and make you feel confident. Your outfit should fit your body and flatter your complexion. If you typically wear jeans, then feel free to wear jeans with perhaps a white button down and pop of red lipstick. You can dress your kiddos and partner in the same white and denim combination. 

Ultimately when you book a photo session, your time in the studio is about you and your loved ones. I think classic clothing choices help create timeless images. That said, be yourself. Wear clothes that fit, flatter, and make you feel confident. Add a splash of complimentary color and let’s make photos that you’ll all love and cherish for generations.

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