How To Prepare for Your Best Headshot/Branding Session

So you’ve booked a photo session, what’s next? It’s time to plan your outfits and styling. What’s the most important point to remember: Keep your look simple, classic, and flattering.


1. Avoid a fashion crisis by choosing clothing that feels authentically you. You want to look and feel your best. So start with the foundation—your outfits. 

2. Choose simple, classic, and neutral pieces that fit well. If you love color, add it in layers. Wear a fun bright lip color (if that’s your thing) or personalize your headshot and brand photos with your signature colors, such as adding a scarf, jacket, or branded t-shirt. 

3. Plan your outfits ahead of time and make sure they are ready to go on the day of your photo session. Make sure your clothes fit well, are cleaned and pressed, and are free of rips and stains.

4. Wear supportive undergarments. They also need to fit well and blend well with your entire look. 

5. Simplify your choices by bringing one basic outfit, such as a black dress (or suit for men), that you can add layers (or remove layers), and accessories (such as a statement necklace or watch) to create two more looks. You can layer a sweater, blazer, jacket, or vest over a dress to complete your look.


1. Make sure your hair is clean and free of tangles. 

2. Bring a brush or comb to your session.

3. Pack any hair accessories or styling products you like to wear.

4. Style your hair in a way that feels like you. You can also book a professional blow-dry with your favorite salon before your session time.

5. Spritz your hair with a spray or serum to help tame the strays. 


1. Foundation, if you wear it, should be applied lightly and match your natural skin tone. 

2. Avoid applying products with sunscreen (we don’t want that signature sunscreen shine or color) for your photo session. 

3. Don’t wear heavy dark eye makeup as it can overpower your eyes. 

4. Choose lip colors you like to wear, whether it’s a soft pink, bright red, or clear lip balm. You want to feel comfortable in it. 

5. Keep your makeup simple and natural-looking. 

The most important takeaway—be the polished version of you!

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