The Value of One Great Photo

Contemporary black and white film portrait of a woman

As a child, I visited a number of art museums over the years. To keep me from getting too bored, my mom gave me a sketchbook and pencil. 

I remember winding up in the galleries that held paintings by the Old Masters, portraits so detailed and captivating that I stood in front of them transfixed by what I felt at the time was magic. The light, color, expressions set in oils on canvas. 

I invented stories about the portraits I saw, who the people were, what their lives were like. Museum label details such as a painting’s title, date, and place. 

The elements of the paintings stayed with me. Dark backgrounds. Light cascading onto the sitter. Simple yet engaged pose. Intense gaze.

When I reflect back on those early visits to art museums, I’m not surprised by the way they  influenced my portraits and my desire to create one great photograph from a session. 

One that has a story to tell. The one you choose to display on the wall. 

While I capture a number of photographs during a portrait session, I want you to leave with only the ones you love stored in a keepsake box, it is the one great photograph that becomes part of your personal art collection.

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