Happy World Cyanotype Day!

Botanical cyanotype plus lumen print by Nikki Gardner.

Happy World Cyanotype Day! 

In celebration of World Cyanotype Day, I’m sharing a new print that is included in this year’s online gallery show “Rejuvenation”.  You can check out the entire show at Alternative Photography’s site here. The work is really spectacular and has long been one of my favorite photographic processes.

The cyanotype is a photographic printing process that creates a blue monochrome image. It’s one of the oldest photographic processes dating back to 1842 when an English scientist and astronomer, Sir John Herschel, discovered it as a way to reproduce notes and diagrams. The cyanotype or blue print process was used by architects and engineers into the 20th century to produce copies of drawings, commonly known as blueprints. 

This is a cyanolumen print, titled Blue Poem, and uses painted and manipulated cyanotype chemistry on photographic film. I love the quality of light that occurs with this process and will share more of my new work soon.

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