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  1. New Art at Gallery A3

    Summer has been full—mini golf, beach adventures, fireworks and lots of projects in the works! From fun shoots with new clients, custom photo workshops, and art in an upcoming juried show. I had a sneak peak of work by fellow artists included in the show and it looks like a…

  2. Blue Poem Cyanotype Art Series

    I spent yesterday afternoon mixing cyanotype solution and coating it onto paper. Cyanotypes are a historic photographic printing process made by coating a photo-sensitive solution onto a surface and exposing the surface to UV light. This process creates a cyan-blue print. Sometimes I use film or photo paper as a…

  3. Happy World Cyanotype Day!

    Happy World Cyanotype Day!  In celebration of World Cyanotype Day, I’m sharing a new print that is included in this year’s online gallery show “Rejuvenation”.  You can check out the entire show at Alternative Photography’s site here. The work is really spectacular and has long been one of my favorite…

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