Portrait of a Reader Photo Project Update

The above portraits are part of my virtual Portrait of a Reader online art project about books, community, and hope. I am looking for more participants for this virtual project. Read on to learn more about the project and how you can join.

So much of daily life has changed over the past six months. The one constant, for me anyway, has been maintaining my reading and writing practice. I have an ever growing stack of books to read along with revision note for my novel in progress (yes, I’m also a writer as well as a photographer and am revising my first novel about an artist). I became a writer and reader at a young age and both have been constant companions as well as places of hope and being, I am most myself with both. 

In light the daily challenges we all face these days, I continue to work on personal art photo projects, specifically the Portrait of a Reader project to inspire hope and knowledge in a world that seems torn at the seams—politically, environmentally, and medically. Books open up new worlds making it possible to travel through time and perspective. 

Qualifications for project participants include: 

1. A love of books and willingness to have me capture a virtual portrait of you with a current or favorite read

2. Desire to collaborate in online art 

3. Access to a web based camera (via a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) and Zoom, video conferencing software (yes, another Zoom call to schedule, but this one will be fun!)

You can find more details about the Portrait of a Reader Project, including my artist statement, by clicking the embedded link. To inquire about participating or to ask any questions about the project, email me at: 


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