Fine Art Studio Portraits | Northampton, MA

These two make every second worth it. Brothers on film. While they have distinct personalities, they are respectively creative, dramatic, and funny. Always a good combination for a photographer. 

I try to capture individual qualities in the portraits I make, regardless of age. These two, in particular, remind me to stay in the present moment. Eventually, the camera is less noticeable allowing them to relax and be themselves.

Portraiture allows us to connect. Photographer: Sitter: Viewer. The best portraits, to me, reveal something true about the subject. I love the immediacy shared between these two siblings: open and honest.

Winter In the Studio | Portrait Sessions

There is a storm headed our way this weekend. I have plans to work in the studio. Who knows? Ah, winter in New England. So fickle and unpredictable. At times, we prepare for the worst and nothing happens. Other times, the power is out for days and we layer on the woolens and light every candle. I might have to wait until the roads are clear to head into the studio where a short stack of 4x5 film is ready to be developed and scanned. 

Film portraits, if I have to choose, are my favorites. The process and attention involved from composing to developing each roll or sheet. The grain, light, and effort of making art in camera has always fascinated me. 

Large format portraits, in particular, hold a special place in my heart. Not only are they classic and beautiful, but they also require time and attention to create. Time to focus and connect in a moment where both photographer and sitter reveal something to the other. This, to me, is the importance and necessity of portraiture—to create heirlooms that can be shared with those we love. 

Between snow storms, coffee dates, and driving your kids to rehearsals and practices, make the time to get in front of the camera. Schedule a session for yourself. Another for them. Show up and be seen. You deserve it and so do they. 


Hello, and welcome to Studio Notes, my blog about life in and out of a photography studio. I specialize in portraiture, fine art, and commercial work. 

I received my first camera when I was ten, a Kodak 110, and immediately fell in love with the medium. I developed my first roll of black and white film in college, enrolled in a graduate photography program where I traveled to Scotland on a photojournalism course and taught traditional and digital darkroom techniques. I have been hooked on the darkroom. While I still love film, I now work as a hybrid photographer utilizing both film and digital mediums for personal and client work. 

The doors to my Northampton studio officially opened last fall and I couldn’t be more excited! My studio is equipped with a darkroom, office, and studio work room. It’s a great location, right across from the hospital, on Locust Street close to downtown. The studio is up and running and ready for your portrait session so let’s get you on the books

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