Date Night Photo Session | Northampton Studio Photography

When was the last time you and your special someone had a great portrait made of just the two of you? I can’t remember either.

I can’t tell you the last time my husband and I were photographed, just the two of us, without our two boys. Unless you count our camera phone snaps and wedding portraits, we don’t have a great portrait of us as a couple. 

It’s important to honor the connection between the two of you. I was reminded of this during a recent photo session with the sweet couple pictured above.

This is why I’m adding a special Date Night Session this month, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’ve designed these 30-minute studio sessions sessions to be quick and fun so you can fit a photo session, dinner, and a movie in one night on the town. I’m including a complimentary 8x10 signature fine art print with your session because I want to celebrate you. Not just on screens but with professional printed portraits you can hold and display.

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The Boatman’s Call Meets Film Noir

This winter photo session marks the first of 2020. Shot inside my daylight studio with natural light, two windows and a white wall. My inspiration for photographs often come from other art forms. Books, music, and films, especially. I liked the shadows coming through the blinds, reminding me of some of my favorite film noir movies: The Big Sleep, Touch of Evil, The Third Man, Double Indemnity, and The Maltese Falcon. I often ask models/clients to evoke a character or song. For this shot it was a mix of film noir as the setting and Nick Cave’s album, The Boatman’s Call as the subject. I like the resulting mood and tone. Who said sitting for a portrait has to be tedious or contrived?

Family Holiday Photos | Northampton Studio Photography

I’m a mother to two wild boys. 

So when these two siblings walked into my studio for holiday portraits, I knew I was right at home. Younger children are curious and on the move, which I understand and expect. I love this about them. 

I often feel like a portrait session is similar to improv. I work quickly to capture the poses I have in mind for the session and then allow the children to play, dance, and be as silly or as serious as they feel like being so a session is as fun and authentic for them as it is for me. 

One of my philosophies as an artist is to remain open and curious. I believe this motto helps me photograph children as they are now, so that we can make genuine photos that you will love.

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